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Key Cutting Near Me – Find your nearest Key Cutter (All Keys Cut)

Key Cutting
Find a key cutter near you to get keys cut, a locksmith offering a Key Cutting service can cut & copy keys by code or by hand. Do you need a spare set of keys cutting for your home? or you might require a replacement set of keys cut as you have lost your keys, broken your keys or just need a spare key copying.

You can find a locksmith to cut a key in their shop, or if you are locked out of your home a locksmith can visit your home or business and cut keys on site.

How long does it take to get a key cut?

It can take an experienced locksmith just 15-20 seconds, if done quickly, to cut a normal house key they will be able to identify the blank quickly, a less experienced key cutter may take longer.

Time taken depends on – if the key is being duplicated & copied which is a quick job or cutting to code which can take longer.

For estimated times it takes to cut various types of keys read our key cutting times page, where we cover how the time taken to cut a house key, garage door key to security safe key.

Key Cutting Prices

For an estimated cost of a replacement key please see our key cutting price list page where we cover how much it costs to cut all types of keys from a house key to patio door and window keys.

Types Of Keys that can be Cut & Copied

Different Types Of Keys cut banner image

A locksmith approved by MLA will be able to duplicate any set of keys and also cut keys to fit any type of lock you wish.

Replacement Keys Cut

Replacement keys could range from front & back door keys for the house, car key cutting to copying keys for security safes, windows keys, garage door keys to old vintage keys.

  • Keys for Cylinder Locks * typical house key * – front door key
  • Key for Mortice Locks & Rim Locks
  • Security Keys – cut to code
  • Restricted Key ( usually with a code on the head of the key )
  • Patented Keys ( restrictions may apply )
  • Garage Door key
  • Safe keys – for digital safes / key boxes
  • Patio door key
  • Ancient / Antique Key
  • UPVC Door Key and Window Keys
  • Padlock key
  • Tubular Key – bike locks
  • Vehicle Keys – Transponder and remotes
  • Office Key
  • Cupboard Key / Desk key / Locker Key
  • Filing Cabinet Key
  • Double Sided Key
  • Abloy key
  • Dimple key
  • Boat key

Replacement Keys Cut

Security Key Cutting

A security key is a specialist type of key that you usually require proof of ownership, you may have to supply your ID ( drivers license, passport, credit card ) and proof of address.

About Security Keys

  • Security keys are normally cut to code
  • Some have a card they issue – proof you are the legal owner of the key
  • May require proof of ownership if you require a spare cutting – letterhead from landlord, utility, passport/drivers license
  • Others may have a registration scheme

Security Keys a locksmith can cut

Manufacturers who typically offer security keys:

  • Avocet – ABS, ATK, Pioneer
  • ASSA Abloy – D12
  • Cisa
  • Chubb
  • ERA
  • Eurospec
  • ISEO
  • Magnum
  • Millenco
  • Mul-T-Lock – Garrison
  • Union
  • Yale – Superior, Platinum

Safe Key Replacement

If you need a replacement safe key a expert in key cutting can cut and copy a new key. Due to the nature of safe keys they need to be cut by a professional locksmith.

Some types of safe keys can take up to 1 hour to cut and copy.

Cost of a safe key – To find out the price of a new safe key read our key cutting price list here.

Antique & Vintage Keys – Repair and Replace

Do you need a antique key cutting to fit a old vintage lock?

Old vintage keys are a specialist area of key cutting, locksmiths specialising in cutting old keys will be able to help repair, cut and reproduce old keys such as:

  • Old Church Keys
  • Skeleton Keys
  • Heart Keys
  • Flat / Barrell
  • Suitcase / Briefcase Keys
  • Old Furniture (cabinets/desks/chest drawers)

Vehicle Keys

For spare car keys, you will require the specialist services of an auto locksmith who can programme and provide replacement car keys for you.

They will be able to replace your car keys if you’ve lost car keys or are locked out of the vehicle.

Another common type of key that locksmiths can cut are the following:

Restricted Key

This type of key is usually not legally protected and is an unusual key blank or strange shape of the key.

Who can cut the key – a limited amount of people can cut the key due to the shape & unique mechanical features.

Why have a restricted key?  If your key is stolen or lost they are unlikely to be copied due to their unusual design and unique mechanical features.

Patented Key

There is legal protection on a patented key and it is illegal to copy.

Who can cut the key? – Only approved dealers with proof of ownership, proof of card can cut key

Why have a patented key? – Due to proof being required, this prevents extra keys being copied without your knowledge, again prevent lost or stolen keys being used against you.

Key Cutting Services

key cutting services image
Your nearest MLA Approved locksmith will be able to offer a variety of key cutting services should you need a replacement set of keys, most can cut keys in store in their shop.

A locksmith can help with:

  • Keys cut to code
  • Broken or damaged keys – replaced or repaired.
  • Keys cut to lock
  • Lost spare key and require a new key
  • Copy and Duplication of keys should you need a spare set of keys copying

Emergency Key-Cutting most locksmiths provide a mobile emergency 24 hour service so can visit your home or business & cut a spare key on site.

Key broken or stuck in lock? your key may just be broken and stuck in the door, again the locksmith will be able to provide you with a copy of your keys.

Key Cutting Shops Near You – Open Now

If you a looking for a local key cutting store in your location open today, we have over 200 MLA approved locksmith shops across the UK who can cut & copy all types of keys in their shop.

Key Cutting & Duplication

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to get a key copied?

The price to get a normal front door Cylinder key cut starts from £4 up to £12 for a security key.

The price to copy a standard Mortice lock key starts from £5 up to £10 for a security key.

See our key cutting price list here.

2. Can Yale keys be copied?

Yes, normal Yale keys can be cut and copied, if you have a Yale security key then proof of ownership will be required by the locksmith cutting the key.

3. Can a broken key be copied?

Yes, a broken key can be cut & copied, a locksmith will be able to cut you a brand new key. Making a new key from a broken or snapped key is a simple job for any locksmith experienced in key cutting.

4. Can you tell if a key has been copied?

Any experienced locksmith can identify a copied key but it is not normally possible to identify if an original key has been duplicated.

Other Keys We Can Cut

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